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What is Your Dream of Financial Success?

Do you want to be financially successful?  Most people do?  When I teach my classes I always ask, "How many of you want to be rich?"  Most of the hands go up.  Is yours?

Specifically, what is your dream?  Here are some of the answers I get to the question when I ask this in classes or seminars.

  • Provide more for your family
  • More money coming in than going out
  • More free time
  • Money to help other people
  • Total freedom
  • Make money without working anymore
  • Abundance
  • No debt
  • No stress
  • Don't have to work anymore/Quit
  • Retire early
  • Travel (Six vacations every year)
  • Dream house/Dream Car
Financial Success
father beach

If you learn nothing else from this website today, the American Dream of Financial Independence (Success) is alive, and doing well.

Whatever the dream might mean for you, you can have it if you simply take the time to learn how to get it!

Are you willing to take the time to learn how to get what you want?

Hear is the good news. The first step in that process is to...

Stop Working So Hard!

Lazy Girl

I know that I'm already telling you things that are contrary to what you've been told all your life.  What were we told about working hard and being successful?

  • Get a good education
  • Get good grades
  • Get a good job
  • And You Will Succeed?

Are you a hard worker?

How's that strategy working out for most people?  Do you know anyone who has done all those things and are NOT very successful?

Again, this may be contrary to what you've been told all your life.  What we've got to learn today is to work smart.  Right?

I'm sure you've heard that before, but in today's context, working smart means getting involved in something that will give us a way to generate more income.

In the context of a job it might mean making the maximum amount for the time spent working.  That's smart.

Maybe even something that would give us some tax breaks and make a little money on the side. That's smart.

Maybe even getting involved in something that will build up our investment portfolio.  Give us something we own; that goes up in value rather than down.  That's smart.


Raise your hand...

if you'd like to get involved in a program like that?

Happy Girl

Why do I make a big deal about taxes?  Let me tell you something you've never thought about.

There are only three types of people in this country.  Poor people, the people in the middle, and the wealthy folks.

How many of you think taxes are going to go up?  Me too!

When that happens, how many of you think they're going to raise taxes on the poor people?  Nope!  Hint, they don't have any money.

How many of you think they're going to raise taxes on the wealthy people?  Really?

Guess who's left to pay the tax bill? Right smack in the middle where the most people are sitting.

You've got only two ways to avoid being in the cross hairs of the IRS.  Move either up or down.  Your choice.

Choose Up!

Is there a process to getting wealthy?

Problem Solution

I hope you said yes!  If you did it means you still have hope.  If you said no, you are basically saying it's just luck.

That means you have no real ability to change your situation.  If you believe that, you are done.

If you don't know the process to getting wealthy, it's not your fault.  Unfortunately they don't teach this in school.

Unless you had me as your Professor, you probably didn't get much training on how to get rich.  Most of school is designed to teach you how to get a job and be an employee.

Now it doesn't mean you can't get rich as an employee, but they certainly didn't teach you how to do it.  I will.


Have you ever tried to Surf?


Do you think there is a process to surfing, or does it just come naturally?

Imagine you are at the beach watching the surfers glide through the water on a beautiful sunny day.  You decide that you'd like to surf.

Now, do you suppose there is something between "I think I'd like to..." and doing that?

That something is Knowledge!

I'll bet one of your first steps would be to find someone who knows how to surf, and would be willing to teach you.  Or, at least wrote a book that could teach you.

Imagine after they teach you the process of surfing, you are out in the ocean sitting on your board, bobbing, and waiting.  Possibly looking for sharks too! (I just saw Shark Week on the Discovery Channel)

What are you waiting for?  Waves.  Probably "the Big One."

How many of you feel this is pretty similar to real life?  Just sort of been sitting, bobbing, and waiting for your finances and career to take off.

So once you've paddled out and started waiting for the wave, what does the process of surfing look like?

  • Laying on the board
  • Eyes focused
  • Wave is coming
  • Getting closer

What do you do next?  Get up?  No!  That will assure the shark has lunch.

  • Point the board toward beach (Knowing where you are going is really important)
  • Begin to Paddle (Need Momentum)
  • Get up on your knees (get off your butt and start to make things happen)
  • When the timing is right, stand up and you're surfing!!!

What is the Big Takeaway from our Surfing experience?

  • Need to learn from a source that knows et how to do what you want to learn
  • There is a process (knowledge)
  • Take some action to learn how (Gain Knowledge)
  • Start to do what you are trying to learn
  • Focus on where you want to go (Point Board toward Beach)
  • Get Momentum (Start Paddling)
  • Get off your butt and take massive action
  • Go for it!

This is pretty much how all of life works.  Identify what you want.  Understand there is a process to follow.  Learn from someone who's done it.  Have guts enough to take action.  Start preparing before the wave gets there!

Make a List of Your Major Accomplishments

Think about all of your major accomplishments.  They all followed the same basic process.  Right?  Here is an example of some of mine.

  • PhD in Finance (Very specific process)
  • Black Belt in Karate (Series of Belt Exams)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (Series of Three Exams preceded by a full year of study for each.
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Tenured Full Professor (Twice)
  • Built Million Dollar/Year Real Estate Business
    • Identified Specific Market (Investors)
    • Unique Message
    • Found a Way to Reach My Market with the Message
    • This is a Process

Now make your own list...

Part of the process for each accomplishment was also that you found someone who already knew how to do what you were trying to do.  Right?  You found a teacher/mentor/coach/books/courses etc. to lead you down the correct path.

Definition of Insanity: 

"Continuing to do what you've always done, but expecting to get different results." 


einstein 2

If you continue to do what you're doing now, where will you be financially in five years?

You already know the answer.

The Same Place!

What if you made a conscious decision to make same changes?

  • In Your Finances
  • In Your Career
  • Start the Business You've Always Wanted

Really think about this...

Would you agree that learning to make more money is a good thing?  Is it fair to say that it's never a mistake to learn to make more money?

Will this ever change?  Regardless of how long you think about it, learning more about money and success will be a good thing.  Right?

Have you ever read the book, "Think & Grow Rich?

Isn't that a great book?  It's the standard.  It's like the Bible of Success.  It was written in the 1930's, so it's been around.

For those who haven't read the book, Napoleon Hill wanted to study the wealthiest man in the world, Andrew Carnegie and 500 of his richest friends.

Now it would probably be someone like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Jeff Bezos.  How would you like to sit down and pick their brain for a few days?


Think and Grow Rich

Hill wanted to study wealthy people with one thought in mind, "Do wealthy people have similar characteristics?"

Hill spent years studying this question, and when he finished his study, he came to two unique discoveries.


  1. Yes, they have 16 Characteristics in Common
  2. No one is Born with these Traits (They are Learned!!!)

This is a big deal.  It now means that they were not smarter than me or you.  They weren't lucky. They weren't all born rich and successful.

It means the rest of us have a chance too!

Let me give you a little taste of his conclusions.  Of those sixteen characteristics, five are so important I want to cover them right here.

  1.  You must have a Burning Desire

Do you think you are going to have obstacles on the way to your goals?  Of course!  Your burning desire is what will allow you to fight through the obstacles.  This is what will motivate you to pay the price.  Put in the 10,000 hours to become a star.

2. Specialized Knowledge

He found that these people were really, really good at least one thing.  Not everything, but something!  You need to figure out the specialized knowlege that will get you to where you want to go.  Once you find it, you consume it until you get the results you are looking for.

3. Discipline

Are most people supportive of your dream of success?  Most people seem to be trying to hold you back. Don't they?

If you tell your friends that there is a process to becoming wealthy, and you plan on learning the process and become rich, what type of response will you generally receive?  They'll laugh at you.

Do you have the discipline to ignore the negative people and keep on driving forward?

4.  Are Decisive

Have you made the decision to succeed financially?

Have you made the decision to excel in your career?

Have you made a decision to start a profitable side-hustle?

Successful people are decisive.  They gather information, analyze the information, then they decide on a course of action and stick to it!

How many of you were taught to sleep on it before making a major decision?  How much money did they have?  While they were sleeping, someone else is jumping on the opportunity.

It's funny, everyone is afraid of making mistakes.  But, I find that as I look back on the mistakes I've made, I don't really regret the decision I made that turned out bad.  I learned a lot from these mistakes that helped me later.

I find that what I regret is all the times I decided not to do something because I was afraid to pull the trigger.  I always wonder how would that have turned out?  Think of the opportunities I let go.

5. Mastermind Team

No one does it on their own.  Remember, most of these wealthy people were really good at only one thing.  They needed others to fill in all the necessary gaps.  Part of the process is to build your team along the way.

One of the biggest changes in my life came when I quit hanging around loser mentality and started hanging around winning mentality.  You can always tell the difference when a subject comes up.  If they start telling you everything that is wrong with it versus everything that's good about it, you know they are of the losing mentality.  It's an easy way to test people to see who qualifies to hang around you.


Is There a Secret Wealth Formula?

The Wealth Formula has Four Parts.  If you understand and implement the four parts YOU WILL GET RICH.  It works if you do it.

Wealth Gold
  1. If you want to get something out, you have to put something in.  Agree?
    • Money
    • Time
    • Study
    • Work
  • We'll start off small by investing just $165/Month.  Is that affordable?

2.  Leave the money alone and don't touch it.  (No matter what!)

Let's assume 25 years to start.

3.  Earn a Rate of Return on your invested capital.  Could you earn...?

  • 3%
  • 6%
  • 10%
  • 15%
  • 25%

Most people say 3 or 6%.  Why not pick 15 or 25%?  They don't know how to earn that much.  What's it take?

More Knowledge

4.  How big a Retirement Account do you want to have?  The combination of these three variables will determine your wealth.

Everyone thinks wealth is so complicated and mysterious.  As a PhD in Finance I can tell you it's not.  It's just math!

Take a look at the following chart.

Wealth Formula

The vertical columns show the amount of money you'd have accumulated over a 25 year period at the various interest rates.

Even earning nothing you would have $49.5 thousand.  At 3% it would amount to $73K.  May not sound like all that much, but how many of you know someone who' been a working adult for 25 years that does not even have $49,000?

One of two things happened.  Either they never learned the wealth formula, or they didn't implement the wealth formula!

Do you think 6% is possible?  I happen to be on the Board of Trustees for the State of Wisconsin Investment Board.  This is all the pension money for the employees of the State of Wisconsin.  About $110 billion.  Our target rate of return is about 7% which we have averaged for many years.  This is a pension fund which tends to invest very conservatively.

Can you hit the 10%?  If you could you'd have $218K for retirement.  The average for the stockmarket since the 1930's has been just under 12%.

Did you also know that there are ways to earn 15%, 20%, and even 25%?  It's all about what you are willing to LEARN how to earn.

Do you think someone with my background might be a good person to teach you about investing?

  • PhD Finance
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Trustee for $110 Billion Dollar Pension
  • Taught Investments for 35+ Years at Major Universities

The only issue is how much you want to have in 25 years.  It's entirely up to you.  You are in control.  Remember, this is a process.

Did you notice that you can accumulate millions if you can earn the right yield.  But, what if you are a little afraid of the high yield because you recognize that high return may also mean higher risk.

Solution:  Put in more than $165/month.  Most of you could easily do more if you had a little more confidence.  Remember, it's all just math.

What if you want to retire sooner than 25 years?  Put more than $165/month in and earn higher rates of return.  I refer to this as the Speed and Greed Combo!

The only difference between you having thousands or millions when you retire is how much you can afford to put into your investment plan, and whether you can LEARN how to earn higher rates of return.

How much is it worth to LEARN how to increase your returns?  Remember, it's up to you.  Your future financial security is entirely within your control.

Knowledge & Discipline are Key


Do you think you are going to run into some problems along the way?  At some point you are going to have setbacks.  Eventually you are going to run into a wall.

My experience has been that there are three walls you will be facing in life.

Wall #1: Lack of Knowledge

People tell themselves, "If I knew how to do that, I'd do it," or "If I could do that, I would."

The is that if you don't know how, you can't do it.  You can't be "the millionaire investor."

Solution:  Get the Knowledge.  LEARN how.

Wall #2: Fear

Ok, even when they know how, some people are just afraid.  They are just scared to death.  I had a Real Estate Coaching client once who paid me to teach him how to invest.  It was a 16 week program.

Even though I taught him exactly what to do, and how to do it, he did not make a single offer on a piece of property over the 4 month period.  He had the knowledge, but was too afraid to take action.   Lack of confidence can stop you.

It stops a lot of people.

Wall #3: Lack of Money

The mindset is the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.  I'm just curious, were you ever told that it takes money to make money?

It does take money, but it doesn't have to be your money.  On my first real estate deal, I needed $2000 to close the deal but I didn't have it.  I put the $2000 on credit cards at 18% interest to get it done.  Sold it 18 months later for about a $15,000 profit.

Once you understand this, you will never lack money again.  If the benefits of the deal are worth more than the cost of the money, you can get it done.

The true difference between unsuccessful people and successful people is not the walls.  They both face the same walls.  The difference is the successful people simply LEARN how to handle the walls.

Lets look more closely at the Three Walls.

Where can you get the knowledge you need?

·        College/Universities

·        Library

·        Internet (Google/Amazon/Barnes & Noble/YouTube/Facebook)

·        Trial and Error

·        Learn by Doing (School of Hard Knocks)

·        Mentors

·        Home Study Courses

·        Books

Unless you had me for a Professor, it is unlikely you learned how to get rich in college?  I don't remember Get Rich 101 being taught.  Would have been a great course.

College is more about how to get a good job.  Not how to be the boss and get wealthy.

Books are good, but how many people get rich by reading a good book on money.  Not many.  The content might be good, but there is no follow through.  No support network.

If libraries were so great, Librarians would be the richest members of society.  Don't think so!

Trial & Error works, but it is slow and painful.  People talk about learning from mistakes but that just shows you what does NOT work.  Not what does.

Wouldn't it make more sense to learn from other peoples mistakes, but more importantly, their successes.  They already know how to do it.  They know what works!

Model Success

Guess what.  When you gain the knowledge, really know it; this helps with the lack of confidence.  Combine this with starting small and taking small actions, observing results etc.  Rinse and Repeat.

Makes sense.  But what about the money?

Remember, it doesn't have to be yours.  Is there a LOT of money out there in the world?

If you could buy a brand new $60K Lincoln for $5,000 could you come up with the money?  Assuming it was a legit deal, not stolen etc. I'll bet you could.

·        Credit cards

·        Bank loans

·        Borrow from 401K

·        Borrow on House

·        Parents/Brothers/Friends

·        Your old professor? LOL

·        Investors

o   Do you think there is someone who would loan you the entire $5K if they could split the profit on the sale?  Easy!

The key to everything is NOT the money.  The key is the opportunity.  Knowing and understanding this is the last piece of your success puzzle.

So, essentially KNOWLEDGE handles all three walls.

What's the Best Investment?

Because of my background, I get this question a lot.  Is it stocks?  Maybe real estate?  Starting a business, options, futures, or even cryptocurrencies?

Girl reading

The absolute best investment is your own personal education!

Nothing else even comes close.  It has become trendy to even bash going to college.  I admit, that college isn't going to teach you to become rich.  But, when you look at how much more money the average college grad makes vs a non-grad.  It is a ridiculously good rate of return.

When I say personal education, I mean much more than college.  I mean a lifetime of continuing education.

Knowledge is out there.  You just have to figure out what you want to learn and then do it.

Another feature about education and knowledge that is not often talked about is you don't lose it, and it can't be taken away.

If you get a divorce you can lose half your assets.  If you lose a lawsuit, you can lose all your assets.

They can't take away your knowledge of how you built it all in the first place.  With a little time, you can get it all back!


What Should You Study?

  • Money

I know money is not the most important thing.  But, it ranks right up there with oxygen.  Money is a big deal.  It is hard for you to do much of anything if your finances are a mess.  I could go on for days about this.  Money is NOT the root of all evil.  Poverty is the root of all evil.

  • Skills to Get Ahead in Your Career

You are going to spend a third of your life working at something.  Why not become good at it.  Learn how to get ahead and be paid more for what you do?

    • Technical Skills for your chosen field
    • People Skills which will improve your effectiveness (Business & Personal)


  • How to Start a Part-Time Business

Tremendous opportunities to make anything from a small (few hundred extra per month) extra income to crazy rich money!

  • Study Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing will help you in either your career or your business.  Career advancement often comes rapidly if you can help your company increase sales.

Marketing skills can cause become the most profitable investment of all.  It is quite possible to spend $1 on a Facebook Ad, and get $2 back in sales.

What kind of crazy return is that?  100%

  •   Affiliate Marketing

One of the best business opportunities out there.  Even if you do not have your own product or service, you can promote someone else's and make commissions when they make a sale.

Virtually a Business in a Box!

This is just a partial list to get your creative juices flowing.

Each of these Areas has a Process to Follow that is Know to get Results

You Need to Learn the Process!!!

Earlier you determined that you wanted Financial Independence (Success).  You wouldn't have read this far if you weren't series.

I've talked about what you need to learn to accomplish your goal.

We talked about the Three Walls holding you back and how to get around them.  (Knowledge)

But, there is one more thing.  Something worse than Walls holding you back.

What about the Land-mines?  What if you actually start out, and BOOM, something bad happens.  That is scarier than doing nothing for most people.

What is the downside of increasing your knowledge??

Hard to come up with much?

Time?  Yes, you might spend a few hours a week.  Versus, watching Shark week 4 hours a night.  Evaluate the potential rate of return. LOL

Money?  Yup, most education costs money.  But what if you learn how to get out of debt and save $150,000 in interest that you would otherwise have spent.  What's your rate of return?.

What if you learn to earn 15% instead of 3% on your investment portfolio?  The difference was $1,327,000.  Not a bad rate of return.

What if you learn how to get the promotion you really want at work?  You get a raise from $50K to $75K and make the extra $25K for the next 25 years. (An extra $625K plus more fulfilling work.)

What if you learn to start a business and make only an extra $300/month for the next 20 years.($90K not counting the interest you might earn)

I don't know what your potential is, but it is worth the journey to find out.

What is the Best Way to get Through the Minefield?

Find someone that has been through the minefield and knows the way!  For details see the ABOUT DR DAVE in the menu above.

But the short version is as follows:



1.  Why can I help you learn about money?

I got the Money thing covered.  PhD in Finance, and many professional designations.  5Been teaching about investing and financial planning for over 35 years at major universities.  Apparently I know a few things about money.  I was also chosen to serve as a Trustee with oversight over $110 Billion by the State of Wisconsin Investment Board.  Another item of trivea, I recently saw an article that mentioned Elvis' net worth when he died.  I realized that I have more money than Elvis!  Yeah, and I can't even sing!   Click Here to Get Control of Your Money

2.  What can I teach you about Careers?

Made it to the top of the food chain in my chosen profession.  Multiple times with different schools.  This is both expertise as well as knowing the "office politics."

Navigated a successful career change when I found I was unhappy with my early choices right out of college.  Multiple industry wide board positions.  These don't just pop up because of your good looks!  A combination of expertise and politics.  I have been appointed by both Republican and Democratic Governors.  Also taught Leadership at the university too.  Click Here to Get Control of Your Career

3.  What about Starting a Business?  

I've had a Side-Hustle of some kind for over 30 years.  Have made everything from a "little on the side" to $1,000,000+ per year, all while still being a full-time College Professor.  Experience in Real Estate, Financial Services, Investments, Consulting in many fields, Speaking and Teaching Seminars.  Have taught marketing and entrepreneurship at the university level for many years.  Click Here to Learn How to Succeed in a Business

OK, enough about me. LOL  I sincerly mean this, if you can find someone more qualified than me to teach you any of these topics, go for it.  I don't think you will.  I periodically get approached by money manager types from Merrill Lynch type firms to "Run My Money."  For 30+ years I just hand them my business card and tell them, "If you are better qualified than me, you can have my business."  They smile, and quietly walk away!

I know the Way Through the Minefield

How do you think I learned where the mines were?  I stepped on a bunch of them but survived.

  • I was a lousy student. 1.6 GPA as a Freshman (Ended up with PhD in Finance)
  • Didn't know what I wanted to do
  • Rejected multiple times by Grad School (Persistence)
  • Fired on first job out of college (Insubordination/No People Skills)
  • Almost fired on 2nd Job out of college.  Quit just in time! LOL
  • Have lost money on investments
  • Have been in foreclosure
  • Have had more credit card debt than you can possibly imagine
  • Have been sued in the Real Estate business many times
  • Have received a letter from the criminal division of the IRS saying they think I under reported my income by $1.3 Million. (That will get your attention!)
  • Have been audited by the IRS 10+ times
  • Had an employee embezzle thousands of dollars
  • Hired/Fired many people
  • Had my children work in my business (They still like me)
  • Had employees threaten to sue me
  • Had union grievances filed against me

The mines are still there.  I can help you through!

I am not successful because I made a lot of money.  I am successful because I followed a process.  The money comes because I was successful at the process.  You can be too!

What next?  You Need Fundamentals!    Start Here:

All great sports teams focus on fundamentals.  I am a Wisconsin boy so I know a lot about the Green Bay Packers.  During the glory years with Vince Lombardi, the thing that set them apart was fundamentals.  Blocking and Tackling.

John Wooden, Coach of the UCLA Basketball team started each season by teaching his players the correct way to put on their socks!  Don't laugh, he won the NCAA Championship 10 of his last 12 seasons before he retired.

Success Will Never Change!

I have no idea where you are in your journey to success, but I do know that I can help.  If your primary concern right now is your money, start by looking at my

Richest Man in Babylon Digital Course.

If right now your biggest concern is your job, or career, the best thing you can do is look at my

How to Win Friends & Influence People Digital Course

If your money is Ok, your job is Ok, but you've been thinking about starting some kind of a side-hustle business, your best bet is my

Think & Grow Rich Digital Course


Finally, maybe you are like I was a few years after I graduated college.  I was a mess.  I had spent way too much money on stuff I thought I needed to look (or be) successful.  I had wanted to make a million, but was working my way closer to owing a million.

My career was not going the way I thought.  I had some initial success, but then I sabotaged myself, and got fired.  Bounced back, but was about to be fired again.  Discovered I hated my career.

Started thinking that maybe I needed something other than just a job and would like to try starting a business.  But was really afraid to really commit to the process.

My life sucked in almost everything.  I decided to make some big changes.  I wanted it all.

I wanted Money

I wanted a Great Career

I wanted a Side Business to make some Real Money

I wanted it all, so I did it all.  If you're crazy like I was, you should go straight to my

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Remember: If You Don't Change, Nothing Will Change!