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Are you crazy too?  Do you want it all?  Admit it, you want to be rich...

You want a great career...  AND, You probably have always wanted to be your own boss too...

Check out this very special offer, just for you!

As a Young Professional, Have You Ever Said To Yourself, 

"I thought I'd have more success in my career by now."

Surefire Ways To Advance 

In Your Career and Get Your 
Money Under Control...

Are You Sick & Tired of Working Hard 

with Little or no results?

You Need a plan of action!

You did everything you were told to do.  Went to school, got good grades, graduated, got a good job,
                                                        you aren't happy!!!
Not making enough money, no time, expenses too high, stressed out, too much debt, think you should be the boss, maybe should try new job, losing hope?  Is this all there is?  I get it.  Been there, done that.
Don't you wish that you were appreciated at work, had the position you really want, were making more money so you could invest for the future, buy all the "toys" you've always wanted?  Dream house, dream car, (for me it was a Corvette!) and really just feel like the "Success" you always wanted to be.
Not your fault!  School doesn't really teach you how to be a "Success."  School teaches you how to get a job.  I know I've been a college professor for over 30 years and have seen it first hand.  Universities actually do a pretty good job at this.  Most students get jobs.

If Something Doesn't Change

Your Life Won't Change
So, how many more years are you going to be doing 
what you're currently doing?  20, 30, 40?


So is reality.  What is worse?  Doing the same thing and expecting a different result. (Einstein's definition of insanity)  Or, trying something different and having the hope of a better future.  I have always chosen hope!
You need a Plan.  (I will show you what to do) You need to Do something.  Take Action.  Check to see how it's working.  If it's working, great, keep it up.  If not, then Adjust your plan!
Why?  They never change.  They never really have a plan for their career or their money.  They work hard, but just go day to day, and never check to see how their life is going.  I know, I was going down the same path.  Did it all right, graduated college, good job, house, cars, toys, debt, hated job, hated future, losing hope!

Then, I figured it out....

I finally figured out that the keys to success must already be known...

I just didn't know them!

Then I decided to find out what they were, AND develop a lifetime PLAN to DO what other successful people were doing.  Now it's time to do a little soul searching.  The most important question you can ask yourself is immediately below in red.
                                            If others were making it; why not me?
I have been a Business Professor for over 30 years and have had the best career in the world teaching students, not just how to be an employee, but how to be successful in their careers and with their money.
I have a lifetime of testimonials from students on how effective this has been.  At this stage of my career, I am looking to leave a legacy and share what I have learned with my former students, future online students, my children, and grandchildren.

Why Can I Help You?

I started where you are, or even behind. I know how it feels!

  • Started Broke: My Dad had Multiple Sclerosis and was 100% paralyzed.  Mom had to stay home to take care of him.  Only income was a small disability benefit from Army because he was a WWII vet.  They raised 3 boys on a few hundred a month.  Neither graduated high school.  (Not sure how they did it!)

  • ​No Connections:  All relatives were farmers or factory workers in a small town in Central Wisconsin

  • No Confidence:  Used to pray for a car accident on way to high school if I had a speech to give.  Didn't want to die, just have a good excuse not to do the speech!!

  • ​Not Popular in High School:  Never went to Prom.  Never lettered in a sport.

  • 1.6 GPA as Freshman in College:  Not dumb, just unmotivated.  

  • ​Ended with 2.74:  You never really recover from a 1.6 GPA for a year!

  • Turned Down for All Jobs I Really Wanted on Graduation:  Nobody was really impressed with the 2.74 GPA.

  • Fired from 1st Sales Job after Graduation:  Boss was a jerk!  I'll bet you understand.

  • Applied for MBA at UW-Madison:  With my earlier GPA they virtually laughed at me.  Turned me down 3 times!

  • Threatened with Being Fired on Next Two Jobs:  Knew it was coming, so I left first.

Then, I finally figured it out!

"Success is Easier than Failure"
  • Finally Got Accepted into MBA:  Learned persistence, and sales skills to sell myself in!

  • PhD in Finance:  3.9+ GPA.  Still feel bad it wasn't a 4.0.  

  • Recruited by Over 100 Major Universities:  It was like being a H.S. basketball player who averaged 30 PPG and 20 rebounds being recruited by college programs all over the country.

  • Got the Exact Job I Wanted: Back to my home state of Wisconsin.

  • Switched Jobs for  More Money at Least 5 Times:  Always had my resume updated, and ready to go.

  • Many Professional Designations:  Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP) {Learned to like taking exams}

  • Taught Business at Major Universities for 30+ Years:  Investments, Financial Planning, Marketing, Sales, Insurance, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

  • Started the Real Estate Program at California State University:  Never had a college course in Real Estate.  Learned by reading books, studying, seminars, workshops, licensing, and most importantly by Doing it.

  • Tenured Full Professor (Twice):  In academia, this is the top of the food chain for teaching and research.

  • Wrote a Real Estate Textbook and Numerous Professional Articles:  Again, no formal education on Real Estate.  Simple did it, got a reputation for results, became a guru, and a major academic publisher asked me to write a book. (I got a "D" in a high school English course because they said I couldn't write.)

  • Chair of Accounting and Finance:  The boss.  Hated this.  Be careful what you aspire to.  

  • Successful Real Estate Investor/Broker:  Always had a side-hustle even before the term existed!  (Million Dollars a Year, Part-Time)

  • Owned Mortgage Brokerage, Consulting & Seminar Company:  I get bored easily!

  • Retired Back to My Home Town Area at Age 52:  Everybody told me I had enough money and stress and should retire.

  • Current Position as Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point:  Was bored in retirement and after a couple of years hooked up with UWSP.

  • Board of Trustees (Directors) for the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB):  Manage $115+ Billion Retirement Portfolio

Imagine What Your Life Would be

 Like If You... "Figure It Out"?

even What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  What if you could accomplish any goal?

Get your raise.  Get your promotion.  Maybe a new, better job with more money?
Start a business on the side.  Earn just a few hundred a month extra.  Pay some bills, buy a few extras you really want, and when it makes enough, maybe even quit,  and just do the business?
Make a lot more than you spend.  (Even when you are trying to spend a lot!!!)
Invest the difference!  Accumulate a million dollar portfolio with the lifestyle that goes with it.  Work 2 days a week with a 5 day weekend!
CHOOSE when you want to retire, or IF you want to retire.
What is YOUR Dream?

Would it be Okay if I showed you Exactly how I changed my life?

The Schalow Success Systems

"Classics Bundle"....

On the Shoulders of Giants!!!


The "Classics Bundle" are the Exact Books that Put Me on the Right Track.

I took each book and turned it into a Mini-Course on Success.  I take each book, and break it down with PowerPoint Slides that explain in detail, with my commentary on how they can be applied to your current situation.
Unfortunately, although great books, they were written a long time ago, and use outdated language and examples.  This can turn off the modern reader and cause you to miss out on the life changing impact. 
I go through the entire set of books and interpret what you need, and eliminate what you don't.  This will save you a ton of time too. 
Trust me, you don't want to take on the chapter on "Sex-Transmutation" without a guide.  (Hint: It's not what you think!)

You've Already Purchased One of the "Classics."  Why not get the entire set?

Think & Grow Rich Course & Book

Everybody has heard of it, but how many really live it?  The problem is that much of the language and examples are dated and difficult to understand.  In addition to the original text, you receive a complete PowerPoint Presentation by me explaining the big takeaways and eliminating the dated material.

Adopting these principles will have a huge impact on your career and finances.   You will learn how to advance your career and turn your business ideas into profitable results.  This book is credited with laying the foundation for many successful careers and businesses.  This can be the foundation for your fortune too!  

Richest Man in Babylon Course & Book

I'll bet you have heard that you should be saving 10% of your income.  This is the source!  You don't have to reinvent the wheel.  We have known what it takes to become financially successful for almost as long as we've had wheels!
This course will organize exactly what you need to do, and show you how to really do it.  This course will start you on the path toward good financial habits which are critical to your long-term financial success.  By the end of the course you will understand your money so well you won't need a financial planner.  This can save you thousands.
You really have to get the money thing worked out.  It's time to take back control!

How to Win Friends & Influence People Course & Book

Experts say that 85% of your success is attributed to your People Skills vs your technical skills.  This is the original bible of people skills that everyone else has built on.  Know what the experts know!  Let me teach you the same principles that have been responsible for thousands of success stories.  

The power of a firm handshake, great eye contact, and a nice smile cannot be overstated.  The book has so many strategies that can be applied in your workplace, when applying for a job, or in any sales situation.  Anytime you need to persuade someone to your point of view in either a professional or personal situation you will find yourself relying on principles you learned in this course.  You will almost immediately notice a difference in how other people respond to you.  
Another benefit of the course is that you will become a better public speaker.  Dale Carnegie founded the most famous public speaking course ever created.

Here are THREE Bonuses 

for Taking ACTION Now

Super Cool Bonus #2

#1  Get Out of Debt "NOW" Report

Debt is Strangling Many People

Because people aren't really taught how to handle their money in school, a lot of them have a lot more debt than they can handle.  There is an easy fix.  It doesn't have to be this way.  This report will walk you step by step through a process that will quickly get you out of debt.  Imagine, no credit card debt, no student loans, no car payments...  It can happen!

#2:  Marketing Matrix Solution 

Great Marketing Can Change Your Life!

Whether you are trying to jump start your career, or get your business to finally be profitable.  Nothing will make this happen faster than Great Marketing.  Learn how the Schalow Success Sytems Marketing Matrix Solution can turn your current situation around.

#3:  Lifetime Continuing Education 

Study List

Notice:  I Did Not Say "Reading List"

Reading doesn't mean squat!  You forget almost everything you read.  Your future success is based on how much you improve from where you are now. 
 A regular study plan is necessary for you to attain your goals.  As a Professor, I want you to study, not just read.  Make notes, organize the material, review the material.  Everything you did in college except take tests.  

The big difference is that you know what you need, and will want to master the material because it will help you get what you want!

Now is the time to take Action 

limited time offer!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What are you waiting for?   I am a "real college professor," you can look me up online. Malcolm Gladwell in his book "Outliers" states that you need 10,000 hours to really be an expert.  I have a lot more than 10,000 hours.  I really do know how to help you!

But, In addition to everything else I am offering you, I will give you a "no questions asked" 30 Day Guarantee.  Unhappy with the material for any reason just send me an email and I will give you a complete refund.  In addition, you can keep the original bundle and all the bonuses.   

 I have to trust you, a lot more than you have to trust me!  Fair enough?

Now it's time to ...

Make A Decision

Most of my adult life I have been a Business Professor.  The key to all investments is the Rate of Return.  Essentially, will the Benefits > Costs.  Below is a detailed list of the products you will receive vs. a small

Investment of $197

Forget the products.  It's NOT about the products!  It's about what the products might do for you.

What if you learn...

1.  just one thing that helps you get a raise at work?
2.  a technique that helps you make one more sale?
3.  how to get your budget to go from a deficit to a surplus?
4.  how to get completely out of debt, and stay out of debt?
5.  a way to get a better job?
6.  how to analyze whether to start a business or not?
7.  how to make a new startup profitable?
8.  how to find the money to invest for the future?
9.  how to figure out what to invest in?
10. how to avoid losing money?
11. a lifetime of profitable continuing education?
12. Much, Much, More...
Time to Decide.  Cost < 54 cents a day for the next year!  What if you make a mistake?  Keep the stuff and get a refund!
I've invested in a lot of different things over my life.  Some have worked out, some have not.  My experience is that you will regret more, the things you didn't try, than the things you did.  Give it a try!!!
Dr. Dave Schalow
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase  Schalow Success Systems
"Classics Bundle"
  • ​Original Think & Grow Rich eBook with Complete PowerPoint Video Course on Think & Grow Rich ($97 Value)

  •  Original Richest Man in Babylon eBook with Complete PowerPoint Video Course on the Richest Man in Babylon ($97 Value)

  • ​Original How to Win Friends & Influence People eBook with Complete PowerPoint Video Course on How to Win Friends & Influence People ($97 Value)

  • Bonus #1: Get Out of Debt NOW Report Step by Step, how to finally get rid of credit card debt, student loans, etc. (Value: How much debt do you have?)

  • ​Bonus #2:  Marketing Matrix Solution (Learn how to Maximize all of your marketing efforts.  Maximize your Return on Investment for both your Time and Money. (Value:  What's success worth?)

  • Bonus #3:  Lifetime Continuing Education Program  Do you know enough to make what you want to make?

Total Value: What is a Successful Career and Life Worth?

Three Complete Courses for the Price of Two and All of the Bonuses

Two More Courses...

For Only $197

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