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Dr. Dave

From the desk of Dr. Dave Schalow

Dear Friends,

I've been teaching this stuff for over 35+ years.  Malcolm Gladwell says that to be an expert you have to have 10,000 hours.  Well, I have way over 10,000 hours of teaching people just like you how to start a business or rise to the top in your profession.

Think and Grow Rich

Who was Napoleon Hill and why should you care?

Napoleon Hill interviewed the Richest Man in the World,  Andrew Carnegie and convinced him to arrange for Hill to interview 500 of the most successful people in the world.   Most of them started out with nothing but by following a systematic process built up great wealth.

Hill discovered two very important points.

  1. There are Specific Characteristics that led to their success.
  2. No one was born with these traits.  They can be learned.

This means that you can learn it too, and by modeling their characteristics, you can replicate their results.

This is Huge

It means that it doesn't take luck, it puts you in charge of your future.  It doesn't matter where you start.  What matters is how you finish?

Countless millionaires and billionaires have given credit to Think & Grow Rich as the resource that turned there life around.

They attained their success by rising to the top in their professions, or starting businesses that provided great value and service to millions of people.


Here's the Problem

Although it's a great book with great content, it's pretty much sexist, and the examples are with people and companies you have never heard of.  As a result, it is hard to pull the value out of it.  Frankly it's scary to try to get through it.  Don't try to go through the Chapter on Sex Transmutation on your own.  No, it's not what you think!

What I did is turn the book into a modern day course that you might have taken in college.  So instead of just getting an unreadable book, you get the book and a complete course with a PowerPoint presentation.

I provide an accurate interpretation of his principles in language and illustrations that will make sense to the modern reader.  Much like you would have seen in a typical college class.

Most Entrepreneurship & Leadership Courses incorporate many of Hill's principles.  Now you will have a chance to go right to the source and learn how to achieve all the dreams that you had when you were back in school.

These principles are the fundamentals that all business & personal success is based.

Girl reading

Here Are Just a Few of the Things You Are Going to Learn...

  • What is the Ultimate test of an Educated Person?

  • Is there a Success Formula?  What is the secret?

  • Six Steps to Guarantee you achieve the results you want.

  • Why is the Ant more Powerful than the Elephant?

  • What Successful People do every morning...

  • What they never taught you in school that is critical to your future success...

  • What Habits do Successful People have that everyone else doesn't?

  • How to put together a Plan of Action for your life.  (You know you need a plan...)

  • What are the Leadership Traits taught in the Military that lead to success.?

  • What are the Specific Characteristics that most successful people have... (these are still taught today)

  • And lots more...

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