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Dr. Dave

From the desk of Dr. Dave Schalow

Dear Friends,

I've been teaching this stuff for over 35+ years.  Malcolm Gladwell says that to be an expert you have to have 10,000 hours.  Well, I have way over 10,000 hours of teaching people just like you how to handle your money and gain wealth.

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Who was the Richest Man in Babylon?

George Clason wrote a great book about the Richest Man in Babylon (RMB).  It turns out that he started out with nothing but by following a systematic process built up great wealth.

His childhood friends could never figure it out.  They started in the same place as the RMB but there lives sucked.  This is a familiar theme in life.


Do you know anyone who is successful, and you wonder how they did it?


They knew him, so they knew he wasn't smarter than them.  They knew his parents were not wealthy, so he didn't inherit the money.  They assumed he must be lucky.

One day they just couldn't take it anymore, and they went to see him and asked the big question.

How Did He Do It?

The rest of the book basically answers the question.

Scary old house

Here's the Problem

Although it's a great book with great content, it's pretty much unreadable.  Written in 1926 with weird language, weird examples, no details, it is hard to pull the value out of it.  Frankly it's scary.

What I did is turn the book into a modern day course that you might have taken in college.  With a complete PowerPoint Presentation and my interpretation of his principles in language and illustrations that will make sense to the modern reader.

Most Financial Planning Courses were Built on the Foundation of the Richest Man in Babylon.   Let me introduce you to the life changing gold that is buried in this great classic.  These are the fundamentals that all financial success is based on.

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Here Are Just a Few of the Things You Are Going to Learn...

  • What is the Ultimate test of an Educated Person?

  • The Universal Laws of Money. Or, as the Richest Man in Babylon would say, The Seven Cures of a Lean Purse???

  • Two Main Reasons people fail financially.

  • The First Law of Financial Success.  Without this you will never succeed, even if you make a ton of money.

  • Why Budgets don't work.  This is why people hate budgeting.

  • What did Einstein steal from the Richest Man in Babylon?  Or was it Clason who stole it from Einstein?

  • The "Real" reason, Rich People are Rich!

  • Don't eat the children.  Most people do...

  • How to be a Social Security Millionaire.  No, he didn't say it, but I will show you...

  • Understand The Five Laws of Gold and you can't fail to get rich...

  • And lots more...

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